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End of year expectations

As always, we want to support you in the best ways possible, that fit round your family set up and work commitments. Try not to compare yourself with others, each child and family circumstances are different. It is better for memory and for children’s attention spans to do little and often to ensure that any home learning is still enjoyable and doesn’t become a battle or source of stress. There will, of course, be a catch up curriculum once the children return.


It may be useful for you to know the end of year expectations from the national curriculum. I will stress that this is an end of year expectation in a typical year and certainly not during a pandemic. However, you may find it useful to take a look at these in guiding any next steps specifically for your child. Please don’t worry or panic if there’s lots of gaps, we will also be covering content from this on their return. This tool for core subjects will enable you to identify any potential areas to focus on with your child and then use the resources provided on our school website to help meet this objective. Please call if you need any assistance with this. The ‘Oak Academy’ launched by the DFE and also BBC bite size, both links available on our website, will allow you to search for a particular lesson/activity to support the achievement of any identified areas. These materials are good quality and we’ve had great feedback from families regarding their use along with Collins Big Cat reading materials and espresso phonics. They are free and child friendly with video tutorials to help your child, it will feel more like a normal lesson to a child with demonstrations from teachers. Our teachers are here every day too and although in class groups daily are more than happy to assist with ideas and talk you through areas to prioritise for our home learners.


Please don’t feel overwhelmed, home schooling capacity will vary greatly depending on a wide range of factors. The most important thing to remember during this significant moment in history is to be kind to each other, when you can spend quality moments together please do so and maintain good mental health as much as possible. As mentioned above we will be supporting children with a catch up curriculum upon their return, their teachers are planning for this and eagerly await their attendance in school again. Most families seem to have established a pattern that they’re happy with and ask for help when needed, which is wonderful.


As always we’re available on the other end of the phone and more than happy to help.

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