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Remote Learning for school closure

Welcome to our 'remote learning' page

The government have advised that if a group of pupils need to isolate for 2 weeks, following a positive case in their class, they should continue to cover the specific content that they would, if they were in school. We have surveyed our families to find the most appropriate model to support remote learning that allows every pupil to continue learning whilst at home.


We will issue daily teaching via 'loom' videos with your class teacher accompanied by tasks for use at home if your child’s class is asked to self-isolate. These videos and activities will be posted here under your class 'star' each day. Videos from your teacher will be password protected - the 'loom' password that you need is stuck in to your child's home learning diary.


You can access this page from any device – PC, laptop, tablet, phone, school app etc.


Where pupils are able to use a device to record work then they should be encouraged to do so and send work in via email each day to their teacher for checking.


We understand that access to shared devices at home can create issues and therefore we will endeavour to ensure that all activities that we plan can be completed electronically or paper based. If you choose to work ‘paper-based’, then we would ask you simply to take a photograph (most likely on your phone) and email the work in so that the teacher can recognise your child’s efforts and guide you with any next steps. If you struggle with this, please don’t worry. Teacher's will respond daily to emails during normal working hours. Please allow time for a response to pupils work. Please understand that teachers will not be able to respond over the weekend.


All pupils have a BGFL email account which they can use to send work in to their teacher. The QR codes to access their accounts are in the front of the Home Leaning Diaries for pupils in years 1-6. If you are struggling with access, please contact us at school or alternatively use any email account to send work in but please put your child’s name in the subject line. Where children can access their own email we would encourage it as this is a useful skill for them to develop.


If you cannot access the website from any device including a phone, then please let us know and we will make contact with you via telephone to guide you.

If you have contacted the school and are still struggling to send in any completed tasks via email, then of course work can be completed as a paper based activity and we can take a look upon your child’s return to school.


We ask that pupils complete tasks each day but also recognise that this isn’t always possible. It may be that some days you can double up but equally families are not always able to do this. Our survey also revealed that pupils will access learning at different times of the day to one another depending on work and childcare commitments, it is for this reason that the daily videos will be made available for you to view at a time convenient to you rather than tuning in at a specifc time. As before we expect that you do what is in your capacity at home which will vary according to work and childcare commitments but we are here to support you and not judge, please don’t feel under any pressure. We are always here to offer our help.


Please click in your child’s class below to find today's learning.


Email addresses for submitting your child’s work are as follows…


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