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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


Year 1 have had a fantastic week this week and have had lots of opportunity to practise different skills, such as; typing on a keypad, using bee bots and sending and receiving emails. The children designed some lovely internet safety posters and had some fantastic ideas of how we can keep safe online.


This week the children have identified common 2D shapes in the world around us. Back in the classroom the children had to sort the shapes into the correct hoop, e.g. ‘circle’ and ‘rectangle’, ‘no vertices’ and ‘four vertices’.

Miss Hickey led a Collective Worship for Reception, Year 1 and 2 all about being ‘Compassionate and Loving’.  We listened to a hymn ‘Father, I adore you’.  We spoke about all the things we love and why they are special to us.  We completed our own hearts and drew things in it that we love. 


This week the children have been using scales to measure a selection of items to weigh. They then compared the weight of two items to see which was heavier and which was lighter. Further to this, the children estimated and checked to see how many cubes each item weighed.


Year 1 have been learning to be illustrators. The children have been looking at traditional tales to help provide them with inspiration when planning and creating their own pictures. The children have also enjoyed editing, saving and retrieving their work.

Outdoor Learning


This half term, Year 1 have been reading the story Greenpeace. As a class, they have created a story map and chosen some actions to go with each picture in order to help them retell the story. Alongside this, the children imagined that they saw a whale in their own pond and wrote individual diary entries.


During our ‘Our Local area’ topic, the children have been looking at different types of housing such as detached, terraced, semi-detached, flats, bungalows etc. As a class, they discussed the type of house that they live in and how it was similar/different to other types of housing. Using their craft skills, they created model houses from recyclable materials brought in from home.


Children in Year 1 are learning about Everyday Materials including wood, plastic, metal, glass and rock. They have learnt to identify and name everyday materials and are currently exploring the properties of materials. Children will be carrying out a simple investigation to help them decide which material would be most suitable to use for an umbrella. A range of learning activities will be used including discussions, labeling and matching activities, games and an investigation where children will have the opportunity to ask and find the answers to questions.


This week, Year 1 have been using cubes to measure items. To fit in with the Christmas theme, the children used cubes to measure and cut up strips of paper to make a Christmas tree. They started off with the longest strip at the bottom and gradually got smaller towards the top to create the look of a Christmas tree.


Year 1 have been looking at the story of ‘Handa’s Surprise’. As a class, we created a story map and actions to go with each picture. The children thoroughly enjoy performing the story of Handa’s surprise using these actions. In addition to this, they also came up with a list of questions that they would love to ask Handa if they had the chance to meet her.

Religious Education
During RE this week, Year 1 have been exploring God’s creation and Harvest Time; showing their thanks and appreciation for His special gifts. The children completed a variety of activities to show the gifts that they are grateful for at Harvest Time. This included making a number of fruits and vegetables from playdough, cutting and sticking different foods in to a basket and writing a selection of keywords which will be used when the children write their own ‘Thank You’ psalm.  

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