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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


This half term, and during computing week, Year 2 have been learning how to use their logins for BGFL365. They have learnt how to log in using their QR code, using the cameras on both the iPads and the laptops. They have then used it to create simple word documents, and presentations that included both pictures and text. They have also learnt how to use animate on this system where they have created short moving animations by adding in backgrounds and characters. They have then learnt how to share these with the teachers through BGFL365 and had their work displayed on the interactive whiteboard.

In Numeracy over the past few weeks, Year 2 have been learning how to add up two digit numbers and also looking at multiplication as repeated addition and showing this in different ways. We have looked at turning them into picture form and also used money to help identify the tens and ones. We also went on a numeracy walk around school looking for things that we could find that were in groups of 2 and 5. We then attempted to write number sentences from what we found. We then looked at different word problems that linked with multiplication and addition.

Miss Hickey led a Collective Worship for Reception, Year 1 and 2 all about being ‘Compassionate and Loving’.  We listened to a hymn ‘Father, I adore you’.  We spoke about all the things we love and why they are special to us.  We completed our own hearts and drew things in it that we love. 


In Numeracy we have been practicing our calculations in preparation for our SAT’s tests in May. We have worked so hard to develop our skills in both addition and subtraction and have been looking at how we can use multiplication and division too. We have also been revising all of our skills for other different key skills, such as interpreting data on graphs and diagrams, using money and beginning to understand fractions. We have worked so hard and should be very proud of the progress we have made.


In Computing this half term we have been looking at photography and the different ways we can take photos. We learned how to take a good photo and practiced going outside to photograph the school ground. We looked at the use of filters to change the photos that we take before they have been taken. We then learnt about photo editing and the different ways we can change a photo using a variety of different tools. 


In Literacy this half term we have been working hard to improve the detail in our work and develop our level of language. We have also worked hard to ensure that our punctuation is accurate across all bits of writing that we do. We have done this through a number of different activities such as writing short stories, describing new characters and writing letters. One piece of writing we decided to complete outside and use our surroundings as inspiration to develop our language. We used lots of imaginative and adventurous vocabulary in our writing.

Geography and History

Our topic for this half term was ‘Through the Keyhole’ and we have enjoyed learning lots of facts about our local area. We looked at the types of houses that are found around our school and created maps of the area. We looked at how maps use keys and what some commonly used symbols look like. We created out own maps and then followed a map of the school using orienteering skills to find clues hidden around the school.


For Science this half term we have been learning about the uses of everyday materials. We have learnt about the different properties of the materials and discussed why these properties make them appropriate to use for different applications. We went on a walk around school and looked at the uses of the different materials. We used the iPads to take photos of the different applications of materials and analysed why they had been used. We also then worked scientifically to decide upon which materials would be best for a specific task and justified our choices with reasons to support.

As part of our Numeracy work this half term we have covered a range of different topics and learnt a range of different skills. We have continued to develop our understanding of addition and subtraction together with how these link with each other. We have also looked at different units of measure for length and developed our understanding of how to use rulers effectively to measure different lengths. This week we have looked at counting in multiples and used this knowledge to solve problems with money. We looked at a variety of different ways to make amounts using different coins and developed our understanding of what coins add up to.

As part of our learning in Literacy this half term we have focused our learning around the book ‘Zog and the flying doctors’ by Julia Donaldson. The children have really enjoyed their start to this topic and have enjoyed hearing the story in the book. We have read the story together and have created a story board using pictures to help us to retell the story. We have used this to learn about the different words types within the book such as nouns, verbs and adjectives. We have used this knowledge to then help us improve our on writing by adding extra description into each sentence using expanded noun phrases.

Religious Education
As part of our learning in RE on the Old Testament stories and Prayers we have been looking at the special talents and characteristics we have. We have read a variety of stories from the Old Testament and looked at the special talents that people have shown throughout them. We have looked at how we can use our own special traits to help others around us. We have shown we are thankful to God for giving us the power to be kind and helpful to each other by writing our own prayers of thanks. We wrote them neatly and have displayed them in our classroom.

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