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Year 6

During this time of school closures Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State for Education, has stated that school is not going to be an educational setting. They’re not going to be teaching the national curriculum during this period.

We will however be directing and supporting in meaningful study activities for those in school and also those at home as far as possible. We will upload home learning ideas and activities here that you can select from as you see fit for your child, this will be added to as the week’s progress.

Year 6 getting secondary ready!


St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School are working hard to ensure that the Year 6 students who will be joining them in September have a successful transition despite the current restrictions.  Their school website have an area dedicated to Year 6 students and parents  - if you check it out you will find some resources that will get Y6 thinking about the transition process and answering some of the questions they might have.  They are also asking them to write a letter to their new Head of Year and to think about hopes and dreams for the future as they embark on this exciting move to secondary school.  Even if they are not going to St Thomas Aquinas they might find something interesting that will help on the path to secondary school so take a look.

They have a dedicated email address for Year 6 to send any work that they complete for this or ask any questions they might have – so get in touch, they can’t wait to hear from you! 

St Thomas Aquinas remains open if you have any queries at all.


Information for parents can be found at


Information for students can be found at

Little poem for Year 6s today.


And so it is here, 

The 11th of May, 

But SATs have been cancelled, 

At home we must stay.


The classroom is empty, 

Its walls are not bare, 

The tests won't be given, 

As we won't be there.


No early SATs breakfasts, 

No fears to quell, 

We're staying apart, 

To keep all of us well.


It still feels unreal, 

What a very strange term, 

But SATs aren't a measure, 

Of all that you've learned.


Your jokes aren't examined, 

For love, there's no test, 

There's no measure for friendship, 

At these, you're the best.


Year 6, we're so proud, 

Of all you've achieved, 

To us, you're amazing, 

And in you, we believe.

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