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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed Computing Week, especially the secret code activity. As the competition prize is a family ticket to Bletchley Park, we decided to look at why it is so famous. We discovered and were amazed by the great lengths code breakers, including Alan Turing, went to, to help the war effort. The children were engrossed in their coding activities – we have a fantastic selection of code breakers in our class! We also looked at the life of Steve Jobs and how the technology we use in our everyday life is because of his fantastic inventions.

In Numeracy this half term, we are going to be revising fractions and developing our reasoning skills. This week, we have been adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions including mixed number fractions. Once we understood our methods, we had to share our understanding with our partners using the mathematical vocabulary we have learned. Then we had to solve word problems, and find out what the question was asking us to do.


Over the last few weeks in Year 6, we have been working really hard preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation. We have been learning about the story of Pentecost and how the disciples were transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Year 6 looked in detail at how the disciple’s feelings changed, how they felt scared and anxious at the beginning of the story and how after they had received the Holy Spirit, they felt full of joy and courage. We have also been learning about the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit and how we can use in our own lives.


Over the last few weeks in Year 6, we have been busy preparing for our SAT’s but along the way we have been trying to incorporate a little fun into our learning. We did this in a number of ways; because we have such a fantastic outdoor space at school we wanted to use it as much as possible, so we went outside and completed some maths activities in the sunshine. One activity we particularly enjoyed was magic squares. Miss Musto gave the class some chalk and a set of magic squares, we drew the squares on the playground and had to use our mathematical skills to solve them.

We also had the opportunity to plan and budget for our very own theme parks, we had a budget of £500,000 and for that we had to design and landscape our theme parks complete with rides, green spaces, toilets and car parks. It was quite a challenge! 


Year 6 have been busy helping children in Key Stage 2 understand the importance of how to stay safe online. They designed posters and slogans to help remind younger children what to do to keep safe whilst using devices at home and also took part in several discussions and debates about what they would do if they were confronted by information or situations online, they felt uncomfortable with. Finally Year 6 designed and delivered an assembly Key Stage 2, providing top tips and words of advice. It was really great to see Year 6 taking a lead on internet safety and helping others understand how important it is to stay safe online. Well done Year 6!


The Year 6 children have been working really hard preparing for their SAT’s examinations over the last few weeks and as a way to help them remember some of the things they have learned, we have been trying to make our revision as fun as possible! This week we created our own SPAG board games. The children had some fantastic ideas and created some really imaginative games, which included SPAGopoloy, Space SPAG and SPAG who, to name but a few! Each game comprised of a series of challenge questions which the children had to answer as they played their board games. The children really enjoyed this activity, especially playing the games once they were created. Well done Year 6!

Geography and History
Our topic this half term is ‘Are we damaging our world?’ We researched the effects and impact of overfishing on our world around us, particularly in our country. We discussed the effects of overfishing in Scotland and the impact it would have on the fish and chips industry and ecosystems around the world. The children were really passionate about reversing these effects and created their own persuasive media to tell others about this devastating act.


This half term, we have been looking at electricity. We have rediscovered the symbols that are included within a circuit and have drawn our own circuit diagrams. Over the course of the half term, we will be creating our own circuits, looking at how voltage affects a circuit’s effectiveness and conduct our own scientific investigations based on a hypothesis.

In Numeracy this half term, we have been looking at shapes. This week, we were discovering how to calculate the volume of cuboids. Once we understood what volume meant and how to calculate it, we decided to get hands on with unifix cubes! We were given a set volume and we had to create a cuboid shape that had that particular volume. We had to think carefully and we came up with many different cuboids with the same volume; it was challenging but also fun!

Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed the start to their topic of Letters in Literacy. To begin, they were given a secret mission to break codes and solve puzzles using a range of skills and abilities; we had many excellent code breakers in our class. They were then given the opportunity to write a letter to Secret Agent HQ to request a position as a secret agent using persuasive language. The children will continue to draft their letter throughout the coming weeks; hopefully we will have many successful applicants!

Religious Education
In Year 6 we have been learning about our class saint: St Bernadette. We have looked at her life story and the examples she set to others. We also looked at how the Catholic virtues (Eloquent & Truthful) were present in her life and in her story. St Bernadette stated the truth consistently about seeing visions of Our Lady Mary in Lourdes whilst no one else believed her. We discussed how important it is to always tell the truth, regardless of pressure from our peers.

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