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Additional- Music

Hello everyone! 



This week we are looking at Beethoven's 5th Symphony. 


Task 1- Think about the mood of the music for the first minute of the song. If the tempo is fast and the dynamic is loud then the mood would be quite moody/ angry.  If the tempo is slow and the dynamic is quiet the mood would be calm.  

You need to pick two colours to represent the two moods in the first minute of the song. For example, for angry I would choose red and for calm I might choose yellow like the sun.


Listen to the first 45 seconds of the music and choose a colour to represent the sound.

Listen to the music after 45 seconds and a choose another colour to represent the sound. 



Task 2- The whole piece is made up of just two types of sound - jagged and smooth. If the music is loud the shapes should be big. If they are quiet, the shapes should be little. If the two sounds combine they must combine the two shapes. For example, for the angry part of the music you would draw sharper lines and  for the calmer section of the music you may draw circles or a flowing line. 


Listen to the first 45 seconds again. This time draw a shape/ jagged line to represent the angry sound of the music. Draw the line in the colour you chose to represent anger.  Repeat the same with the music after 45 seconds, but use the colour you chose for calm.  


Please click on the link below to access the lesson smiley



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