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Online Safety

Hi kids! This is a special E Safety page created just for you. I know you are all fantastic at keeping safe online and are true safety superheroes but we need to make sure it stays that way! To make sure you keep being so excellent you need to make sure that you continue learning about Online Safety regularly so that you don't forget any important knowledge or learning. On this page below you can find lots of useful information, fantastic resources, activities, videos, packs and much more to support you in learning about E Safety. They are fun, engaging and I know you will really enjoy them! 

Top Tips

The internet can be a great place to learn new things, keep in touch with friends, and to have fun. We have some tips to help you to stay safe and positive online, as well as how you can #PlayYourPart in creating a better internet by…


Being a kind and respectful friend online.

Think about how your actions and words online can make others laugh and smile, instead of feeling hurt or angry.


Staying alert to possible dangers.

When posting, gaming, or talking to others, keep your personal information safe and do not click on unexpected links. Most importantly, always tell an adult if an online friend asks to meet up.


Respecting other people’s boundaries.

No means no – do not push other people to do something that they’re not comfortable with. If someone is pressuring you online, remember that you can always say no and tell an adult you trust.


Supporting others to use safety tools.

Lots of games and apps have handy tools like the block or report button that can help you keep yourself and your friends safe. Chat with your friends to make sure everyone knows where these are and how to use them on the games you play together.


Speaking up!

There are lots of adults in your life who want to support you in having a safe and enjoyable time when you’re online. Always speak to one of them if anyone or anything online makes you or a friend worried, upset or uncomfortable.


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Video Game Age Restrictions

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Online Safety Plan

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