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For literacy children can watch the phonics powerpoint which recaps all the sounds learnt so far.  Please encourage them to join in with the sounds and actions as much as possible.


Today we are recapping the qu sound learnt yesterday.  If you haven't watched Wednesday's lesson please go back and watch it.  


Watch Geraldine the Giraffe learning the qu sound in this video today.


Here you can watch the Jolly Phonics Song for the sound 'qu'.



Following on from yesterdays lesson we are looking at how a whole (5 cakes) can be sorted into 2 parts.  The language of part and whole is important here.  After watching the video children can have a go putting objects into wholes and parts so for example they might have 5 pieces of fruit ( 3 oranges and 2 bananas).  Ask how many are there as a whole? 5! How many oranges? How many bananas? There are still 5 altogether but they can be split into 2 parts.  You could use any objects/toys from around the house for the children to explore this practically.  


This afternoon we are learning about Farm animals and their babies.  Watch the video to learn the names of the farm animals and their young.


After watching the video you can print the worksheet below and cut out and stick the baby animals with their matching mother animal.  Please don't worry if you don't have  a printer you can just verbally talk about which animal matches the baby animal. 



To finish off you can join in with these songs about farm animals



Farm Animal

Farm animal cut and stick

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