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For music today we are learning about pitch.  Watch Miss Hickey reading the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears to introduce the idea of pitch in Music.


Now watch this episode from the Music Show which explores pitch a bit more.  When talking about pitch in music we are talking about the high and low sounds we can hear, just like in Goldilocks.  Daddy Bear has a low voice, Mummy Bear has a middle voice and Baby Bear has a high voice.


For the final part of your music lesson join in with The Three Bears Rap - for the low sounds (Daddy Bear) tap your knees, for the middle sounds (Mummy Bear) tap your shoulders, and for the high sounds (Baby Bear) wave your hands in the air!


For an extra activity you might like to see if you can find some things in your house that make high sounds and things that make low sounds.   


Nursery Rhymes to sing along to


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