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No Screen Day

Today is 'No Screen Day' to help support with Children's Mental Health week.


Below you can find a short explanation of the tasks for each of the lessons for today. If you could have a go at each of these and then please send over an example of their work as normal. However, this may not be in the form of written work you may choose to send over a picture of your child completing their work for today.


Numeracy - For your Numeracy task for today I would like to create you very own board game based on our numeracy topic of multiplication and division. You board game can be designed however you like and you could even create some unique counters to go with it. I have included a template for the board game to use if you would like but please make sure your board game has some multiplication and division involved in it.


Literacy - Over the next week we will be writing our new suspense story that we have started planning this week. For today I would like you to design the front cover if your story were to be made into a book. In the resources you can find an example of a book cover with some parts that need to be in your design.


History - In History we are continuing with our learning about the French revolution and linking to our last lessons which was about the battle of Trafalgar. We are going to be making our own model of a boat out of paper. To do this follow the website with the instructions on and then decorate in any way you would like. In the resources you will find the website with instructions on how to make the basic ship shape, an example of what a completed one would look like and what a ship during these times would look like.


Spellings - These are included in the same way as other weeks but should be completed away from the screen using another means.

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