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Full Re-opening of St John Fisher Catholic Primary School



Please find below the arrangements for our full reopening on Monday 8th March. We are very excited to welcome back all children and are looking forward to the start of the new academic year. We really can’t wait to see you all and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The government have now released guidance which states that from Monday 8th March it will be safe for all children to return to school, with measures in place. The government has stated that attendance from 08.03.21 is expected and non-attendance will now be unauthorised. Please find below an outline of the measures we have in place.

The school day

  • Whole classes will be kept together as a ‘bubble’ and will not mix with other classes in school
  • Desks from year 2-6 will be arranged so that seats face forward, as per government advice. Year 1 will move towards this but will initially involve a mix of independent and group working utilising the outdoor space as much as possible.
  • The groups will have access to resources that they use regularly, and these will not be shared, such as pens and pencils. Other equipment such as games, books, toys and computers will be shared within the bubble but will be cleaned regularly throughout the day and after use.
  • If another class group requires use of shared equipment it will be cleaned before and after use.
  • Our remote learning offer mirrored the curriculum offered in school. Whilst we recognise that learning at home is different we are pleased with the level of engagement from the vast majority of children throughout the school. There will understandably be gaps in children understanding with some concepts being far more difficult to grasp remotely. We will assess gaps in understanding and support accordingly following a period of settling back in for the children, ensuring they feel safe and happy and ready to learn.
  • The class group will remain together throughout the day and not mix with other groups in school for any communal activities such as assemblies, lunch or playtimes.
  • The children will still have playtimes and lunchtimes but they will play within their group and times will be staggered to allow the groups not to mix.
  • Regular handwashing throughout the day along with good hygiene practice and regular cleaning of equipment.
  • All children must bring their own water bottle to school and have this labelled with their name – this will need to go home each day for cleaning. Please send in water only.
  • It is recommended that children limit the items they bring to school each day. The only items that children will require is their book bag, PE kit and packed lunch (if lunch is not provided at school). All stationery items will be provided by school. Please do not send in teddies, comforters etc.
  • Children will need to wear school uniform – normal washing routines are recommended
  • PE days - wear kit to school on your child's PE day. To further minimise the contact that children need to have in order to get themselves changed for PE (especially younger pupils) we have taken the decision for the whole school to wear PE kits on their PE day. The kit is the same as published on the website and prospectus and should include... White T Shirt, Black Joggers, Pumps (to be sent in a PE bag and kept in school for use in the hall). Trainers worn to and from school on PE days. Both PE lessons will take place on the same day to assist you in preparing uniform/kit for the week. The PE days are as follows and your child should come to school dressed in their PE kit along with their school jumper and trainers (PE Pumps to remain in school). Please note that on non PE days your child should be in full school uniform.
    • Reception – Wednesdays
    • Year 1 – Tuesdays
    • Year 2 – Thursdays
    • Year 3 – Wednesdays
    • Year 4 – Tuesdays
    • Year 5 – Thursdays
    • Year 6 – Mondays
  • A copy of the Covid-19 Home school Agreement updated to reflect government guidance, can be found on our website here.

Home Learning

  • Reading books and sound boxes will be sent home with your child. We will quarantine books for 3 days when they are returned before re-issuing to avoid transmission between households. We would ask that you please read with your child every day, it really does make a huge difference.
  • Home learning will look slightly different to our usual home learning grid and will focus on the core areas of English and Maths for the remainder of this academic year, as part of our catch up programme. It will be tailored to match the catch up learning taking place in school. It will be given to you on Fridays along with spellings in a home learning book and must be sent in by Wednesday each week. We will mark and set new home learning on Fridays after giving some time to quarantine these books. Marking in homework books will not be lengthy but a recognition and celebration of the consolidation work that has been completed at home with parents.

Drop off/collection

  • Each class group will be assigned a location/time to drop off in the morning and pick up in the afternoon. Please stick rigidly to these times to avoid congestion and allow people to keep distance when moving around the site safely.
  • Children will need to be collected/dropped off by one person (younger siblings may also accompany). This is particularly important as we welcome back more of our school community and reduces congestion on pathways.
  • All adults on site are asked to wear a face covering as they did in the Autumn term.
  • Bikes, scooters etc. should be parked at the gates to main playground entrance and not used to enter the playground.
  • We have several locations for drop off and pick up to allow for social distancing around the school site.
  • There will be markers at all drop off/collection points - please keep your distance from others.
  • Please do not use the playground area or the entrance gates before or after school to meet with other families and keep distance at all times.
  • To allow for a swift drop off/collection and minimal contact please try stick to the allocated times and call the office if you are running late. If there is a message that can’t be quickly passed to the teacher – please understand that this conversation will be held over the phone once all of the children are in safely.
  • When walking through the school grounds via the main pedestrian access please walk on the LEFT.
  • When travelling to school, please avoid public transport as far as possible. If you need to use public transport you must use the face coverings for children aged 11+ as per government guidelines
  • Please see table below for collection/drop off times (Please note that when dropping off siblings you can drop the siblings of your child with the earliest arrival or departure time at their entry point E.g. a child in year 6 will be dropped at 8:45 - 8:50 if they had a sibling in reception they could also be dropped just after to their own classroom door and the teachers will be ready for them. PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE ANY EARLIER THAN THE ALLOCATED TIME OF YOUR EARLIEST CHILD as they will not be able to enter class. If you need an earlier drop off, please book spaces with school Breakfast Club.
  • When collecting pupils please collect your child with earliest departure time first and then wait at the exit point for the next child if there is a sibling to collect. PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE ANY EARLIER THAN THE ALLOCATED TIME OF YOUR EARLIEST CHILD TO COLLECT THEM. We will not dismiss any children, including siblings, before their allocated time to leave as lessons will continue until the end time for each class.





Arrival Time

Departure time


Small side entrance – use small side gate for entering but exit through main gates

9:00 – 9:05


Year 1

Year 1 classroom door



Year 2

Year 2 classroom door

8:45 – 8:50


Year 3

Infant library entrance (previously main entry for all)



Year 4

Library side entrance

(on main path at side of school)



Year 5

Year 5 classroom door



Year 6

Year 6 Classroom door

8:45 – 8:50




  • Lunchtimes are staggered to allow for groups to remain apart from one another as far as possible.
  • The school kitchen is open and is able to provide meals in the form of a hot meal or choice of sandwich daily
  • Pupils in Reception, Year One and Year Two will receive their universal infant free school meal. This can be either in the form of a hot meal or sandwich. You can send in your own packed lunch if preferred, please ensure that this is a healthy lunchbox with no nuts if you do (products containing traces of nuts are fine). See link here healthy lunch box ideas. Most children do take up their infant free school meal and a full menu of hot meals is available for their return.
  • Reception class will eat their lunch in the hall (early slot), followed by year 1 and Year 2.
  • Pupils in Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 may also order a lunch from the school kitchen which is payable to the school office please call the office to let us know if you require this. You are of course welcome to send in your own healthy packed lunch if you prefer. Free school meals will continue to be issued as usual.
  • Y3 – Y6 will eat lunch in their classrooms if bringing a packed lunch and can collect a hot school meal from the hall (staggered times for all classes) if required.

Break times

  • All children will have morning break times and also some playtime during the lunch break. They will remain with their class group and staggered times will allow pupils to enjoy their playtime and avoid mixing with other class groups.
  • If your child is upset or has an accident staff will of course be able to comfort and care for them.
  • All children can bring in a fruit snack for their morning break time if they wish to. Reception and KS1 children will continue to receive free fruit as a morning snack.
  • KS2 children will still be able to purchase toast – this will begin on Monday 8th March. An app message will be sent out regarding this and payment will need to be sent in an envelope on the first day back.

Wrap around care

  • This will be in place from Monday 8th March. Children will be in small consistent groups, mixing with no more than 14 other children throughout the week as another ‘bubble’. Your child can choose to attend breakfast, after school or both. This will determine the number of 'bubbles' your child is a part of.
  • Breakfast club will be in the hall Monday to Friday 7:30 until the start of the school, day. Seated activities will take place and children will sit with class bubbles with distance between. For full details regarding availability, costs, payment methods and measures in place for breakfast club please call the Fit4Sport on 07557946721 or alternatively email
  • After school club will be Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri until 5:30. This will be reviewed at the end of March and we hope to open for 5 days per week after the Easter holiday if infection rates continue to fall. This will allow us to move staff between the groups and offer a full week. Pupils will currently be split into two groups – Reception and Key Stage One group which will be based in the Year 1 classroom and a Key Stage 2 group which will be based in the school library. For full details regarding availability, costs, payment methods and measures in place for after school club please call the school office on 0121 475 3489 or email Mrs Sanders

Keeping Safe

  • Additional resources for cleaning and sanitising are in place throughout the school
  • If your child or anyone in your household develops symptoms you must inform the school immediately, self-isolate and be tested for Covid-19 then seek appropriate advice as per the government guidelines.
  • If a child, young person or staff member develops symptoms compatible with coronavirus whilst in school, they will be sent home, have an immediate test and isolate until results are known.
  • If a test is positive the close contacts (bubble) will be informed and will need to isolate for 10 days. Household members need not isolate unless your own child then tests positive or you develop symptoms yourself. Please see our coronavirus information page for further information or contact the school at any time for clarity in these circumstances. There is a flow chart on the school website which makes this clear.
  • All adults entering school site for drop off and collection are asked to wear a face covering. Staff will also wear a face covering at handover points
  • Children will not need a face covering in school. If a child has a face covering with them as they travelled on public transport, we would ask that you take this away with you or provide a sealable plastic bag for it to be stored safely in during the school day.
  • All information regarding safety measures and the return to school can be found on our website in the coronavirus information page
  • Staff are testing for Covid twice weekly using lateral flow tests as an additional measure in case any are carrying the virus asymptomatically. Should a test come back positive the close contacts (bubble) would be closed until the result is confirmed by a PCR (lab) test.
  • Primary school children will not be tested in unless they develop symptoms and therefore would only seek a test if symptomatic at a local test site or speak to school if travelling to a test site is difficult for you.

There is also a guide for parents on which can be found here which may answer some of your questions

 If you have any further questions regarding the proposed plan, then please get in touch as soon as possible before 8th March. We thank you again for your continued support during this challenging time, we simply can’t wait to see the children back in school again.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Rogers

Access to testing

Testing is available to anyone with symptoms of coronavirus

 Anyone experiencing a new, continuous cough; high temperature; or a loss of, or change, in their normal sense of smell or taste (anosmia) can book a test.

A coronavirus test can be booked here:


BCC Flow Chart - How to deal with symptoms in a member of staff or pupil

Covid 19 Home School Agreement

DFE Information for parents on schools during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Device Loan Agreement for Remote Learning

Health and Safety addendum

Infection Control Policy

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