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No Screen Friday 


Today is no screen Friday in support of Children's Mental Health Week. I have set some tasks below that should be completed away from the screen.


The tasks below are ideas of things I would like you to have a go at completing but please feel free to add to them or change them to suit you and your children. I hope you enjoy a day of no screen learning!



Read/listen to one of your favourite books for enjoyment! Listen carefully and see if you can spot/hear any of the digraphs we have been learning over the past few weeks – qu, sh, ch, th, ng. 



Children can create their own actions to make up a number story linked to part -  whole teaching.  This is to consolidate children’s understanding that two parts can be counted together to find the whole.  It also helps children to see anything (movements/actions) can be counted, not just physical objects. 

 For example:

 3 jumps + 2 claps = 5 actions altogether. 

6 pats on the head + 2 hops = 8 actions altogether.

4 nods + 3 star jumps = 7 actions altogether. 



Free Choice


These are just a few ideas but you can choose whatever you want to do this afternoon – as long as it is off the screen!

Baking - Make a recipe of something you like to eat!

Dance - Listen to some music and see if you can dance to the beat!

Junk Modelling – using some clean recycling materials get creative and make a habitat/ an animal/an instrument or anything you choose!

Send Some Post - Draw a picture or write to a friend or family member. Pop it in a stamped and addressed envelope and put it in the post when you can. 

Complete a puzzle - Find a puzzle you have at home and see if you can complete it by yourself.

Construction –Using bricks/lego see how many different creations you can make. 

Drawing – draw a picture of something in your house/outside – You might like to do it in the style of Miro? 

Keep fit- create your own work out with 10 different moves. 


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