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In Science today we will be starting our learning on our new topic of forces. We will be learning about what forces are and some typical examples that we see daily. The video takes your through this and the task is to come up with a little experiment to test out some forces.


Task - 

Choose an experiment to test two different forces acting on an object. You could choose to:

-Make a parachute and see which items you can attach to your parachute so that it still works. Does the shapes of the parachute affect it?

-Make a boat and see how many items you can put into it before it starts to sink. Does the shape of the boat affect it?

-Make a paper airplane and see if it can still fly when you put things into it. Does the style of paper airplane affect it?

-Push a toy car over a different surfaces and see how long it take to stop. Does the size of the toy car affect it?

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