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Today, we will be reading the next chapter of our text 'Letters from the Lighthouse'.



Answer the comprehension questions remembering to go back and read the chapter for evidence.


What were the locals going to use paint for?
What metal was everything made out of in the control room?
Where was the log book kept?
What happened at 10.37 hrs, according to the logbook?
Where did Ephraim hang his oilskin?
What was Ephraim holding in his hand?
Who was Sukie’s penpal?
Do you think Olive likes the Coastguard? Why?
Do you think Ephraim trusts Olive? Why?
What does it mean if you’re ‘descending the ladder’?
Define ‘camouflage’. What does it mean to ‘seize your chance’?

Find and copy a word that means the same as stammered.

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