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At St. John Fisher Primary School, we follow the National Statutory Framework for EYFS and the National Curriculum for years one - six. We teach the knowledge, skills and understanding detailed in these documents for all Science lessons, with the addition of ‘The Environment’ Unit for Year 2. As children progress through the school, so does their confidence and knowledge of how to work scientifically; developing their investigative skills of observing, questioning, fair testing, predicting, measuring, recording, analysing and concluding in a variety of situations.

Children have the opportunity to develop their scientific enquiry skills and are encouraged to discuss how science can be used to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave, evaluate causes and record their findings. Emphasis is also placed on practical science work and class journal activities to facilitate each child’s learning, as this creates excitement and curiosity for learning. It also encourages first-hand experience, confident and safe use of equipment and resources, co-operation, enquiring minds, the enjoyment of discovering surprising results and the development of investigative skills. ‘Observational lessons’ are carried out over time, allowing children the opportunity to observe changes. Extended write lessons are also included, where possible, as a way of assessing the children’s scientific understanding on a deeper level.


Children are given a knowledge organiser at the beginning of each unit which outlines the main topics to be covered and introduces children to the key vocabulary they will be using.  These are referred to throughout the Science lessons and can be taken home to reinforce and support learning at home.   

Through our continuing emphasis on the importance of science, both in school and around the world, our children develop a clearer understanding of how science influences and changes their lives and how it is vital to the world’s future prosperity.

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