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Uniform Information


Full school uniform must be worn every day. Our crested jumpers and cardigans can be purchased from 'Clive Marks' and 'Kids Essentials'.


Boys Girls
Bottle Green Pullover (Crested) Bottle Green Cardigan/Pullover (Crested)
Grey Trousers/Grey Shorts Grey Skirt/Pinafore/Grey Trousers
White Shirt White Shirt
Grey/White Socks Grey/White Socks*

 *Black shoes without logos etc (Not trainers) 

*Black shoes without logos etc (Not trainers) 
School Tie School Tie
Suitable coat/jacket Suitable coat/jacket



*Reception Class wear polo shirts and do not need to wear a tie.

*Warm knitted tights may be worn in winter (white, black, grey or bottle green only).
*Please also note that black trainer type shoes must be plain and must not have any coloured marks, ticks, logos.


SUMMER UNIFORM (usually worn after Easter until October half term)

Boys Girls
Grey Trousers/Grey Shorts Grey Skirt/Grey Shorts/Pinafore/Grey Trousers/Summer green checked or striped dress
White Shirt * White Shirt *
Sandals or black shoes (Not trainers)  Sandals or black shoes (Not trainers) 

 Grey/White Socks

Grey/White Socks


* Or white short sleeved polo shirt (Summer term and Autumn 1 only).

NB: Winter uniform may of course be worn all year if you wish.


Please note that jewellery, of any kind (including stud ear-rings), is not allowed for Health and Safety reasons. If you are having your child’s ears pierced, it is best practice to have these done in the longer six week holiday period in the summer term to avoid upset to your child. We have been advised that 6 weeks is the maximum necessary for ears to heal. From Y2 upwards, children will be asked to remove their own ear-rings and keep them in a safe place. If a child’s ears have not healed in six weeks and are infected because of piercing, please seek medical advice or leave them out altogether until the ears have healed.



Long hair must be fully tied back in a ponytail, plait or bun to keep head lice at bay. Only ‘conventional’ hairstyles are acceptable. Styles such as closely shaven heads, ticks/stripes/Mohicans shaved into head, heavily gelled hair etc are not acceptable. Short hairstyles must be above collar length and of a tidy appearance. Hair needs to be combed back off the face, tied up if long and fringes kept out of children’s eyes so that they can see the board properly and move around the school safely.

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